Friday, January 17, 2014

Eleven Days

It's been eleven days since I blogged - which is very, very bad.  I have several blogs I follow on a regular basis, and if the bloggers slack off that much, I usually stop checking their blog.  Sigh.

I'm sorry.  I have had my butt in the chair, fingers on the keyboard, trying like hell to navigate through a double deadline - the first in my 18 years as a published author.  I didn't feel like I could use up my writing energy doing anything except write on the contracted books.

Plus, my life has been fairly calm and uneventful - which is good, but which does not make for great blogging material.

Except - we finally got around to hiring someone to renovate our aging pool.

Here is what the pool looked like in May 2011.  This is from the good side, so you can't see the tile that had begun to crack and fall off.

And here is a collage from the first day they started working  - draining the pool, taking off the coping, and the tile.

And the second day (yesterday).  All the tile and coping is off, and the pool is totally empty of water.  They drilled three holes in the bottom (!?!) to keep the pool from floating up.

They haven't been back so far today, but I have a feeling this will be interesting.  This time we are going with Oklahoma flagstone for the coping, and an earth-toned, larger tile.  It is very difficult walking outside and seeing that mess.  At least it's not summer and I'm not missing swimming.

Now back to writing.  It's been nice popping in and I promise to try and do it more often.

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