Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The End of May

May flew by, at least for me.  Yesterday was Memorial Day, school is almost out here (my daughter teaches), and we just have a few days left before June.

I've been dealing with family issues here (terminally ill mother, lonely elderly father) and  on top of that, trying to plan a vacation.  We haven't had a real vacation for two years.  I have HUGE vacation ideas - Europe, Hawaii, and my husband wants smaller (and less-expensive).  He wants Washington, DC, even though I went there four years ago.  I guess I could go see it again.  Just can't get all that excited about that.  We'll see. 

Also, as you know from previous posts, I volunteer for Legacy Boxer Rescue.  There's this one dog that I'm so worried will be put to sleep.  He's been super urgent for 5 days now.  It's killing me.  He's not the prettiest dog - just a plan Boxer with no white - but he's only 6 and doesn't deserve to die.  If I didn't think my husband would kill me, I'd take him.  Just to save his life.  He's already neutered and if he's heartworm negative, he'll be ready to be adopted in 10 days.  If he's heartworm positive, it's treatable and he'll be in a crate for a month until he's cured.  I'm even considering giving up the vacation idea to save this dog's life.   Sigh.

I have a lot of writing to do today, as I'm visiting my mother tomorrow.  So I'd best get to it. 

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