Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring and Friday

It's Friday, right before a three day weekend.  Usually we'd be heading down to the lake lot - where we HAVEN'T been at all this spring, but with the foster dog and the drought, we are staying home.

This morning, while outside with my little foster girl, she fell in the pool.  I scraped the heck out of me knees rescuing her - she apparently can't swim at all.  She just kept flailing around and sinking.  My husband wants us to teach her to swim - we have a life vest etc - but I'm not sure. 

While out walking around our pool this morning, I took pictures of some of the spring blooms. 

Here are my roses

And the beautiful Oleanders

And some confused Mums
And then these (don't know what they're called)
All in all, it was a nice Spring morning.  In the mid-70's, before the Texas heat sets in.  Other than the scraped knees, that is.

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