Friday, May 17, 2013

I Love Me Some Friday!

I love Fridays - a holdover from when I worked a job outside the home.  Today, I've got errands this afternoon, so I'm trying to work as much this morning as I can.  I'm working on a as yet untitled Nocturne, which has two people who first appeared in The Lost Wolf's Destiny (out in September).

Some books are more difficult to write than others.  There are books where I can't get the beginning right and I agonize over that first chapter, rewriting it over and over.  This book is not one of those.

I'm about 30 pages in.  As a caveat, I have to state that I fell in love with the hero of this story when he first appeared in The Lost Wolf's Destiny.  So much so, I had to rewrite the last third of that book because Kane took over for Lucas, who was the actual hero of that story. 

Now I'm writing his story!  And the heroine's (whose name I won't reveal as it would be a spoiler on TLWD.)  It's a story of healing and a man learning how to be gentle.  It is, of course, a story about love with a pinch of danger thrown in, but this story is close to my heart.  Very. 

I hope to soon have the cover for TLWD as other authors in Facebook are getting their September covers.  I'll post it here, as soon as I do.  Meanwhile, I'm truly enjoying writing this story.  And... (drum roll please) I'm using a bit of Scrivener, the writing software that's plagued me for a good eight or nine months.  I'm particularly enjoying the corkboard feature, where you can write a brief bit about each scene and "pin" it on a corkboard, then move it around as needed.  I'm finding it inspiring, for whatever reason.

If it works....  LOL!

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