Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time Off

I did it!  With the help of the amazing Anna Adams, I finished revising and editing and polishing The Broken Wolf.  First thing yesterday morning, I clicked SEND and away it went to my editor. 

Then I went out to breakfast.   I had an omelet - chicken and mushroom and swiss cheese.  Yummo!

And the omelet came with pancakes - with strawberries and whipped cream!  (Lonnie helped me eat these, as there was NO way....)

Once breakfast was devoured, we went Christmas shopping.  Thanks to online retailers, I was pretty much finished, except for Lonnie's gift and a few small odds and ends. 

We went home halfway through to let the dogs out, and then got back to it.  Success!   

Now all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree.  Next I can turn my attention to baking - after I buy groceries, that is. 

And yes, I am going to get to work on the proposal that was due 12-15.  I hope to turn it in soon - like in a few days.  After I bake cookies. 

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