Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last of 2012

Well, it's finally here.  The end of another year.  I had a good year - it was my first complete year as a full-time writer (I quit the day job in June 2011).  I didn't accomplish everything I wanted - I'm not any more fit or skinnier - but I enjoyed my work and my family and that counts for a lot.

In 2012, I wrote 3 complete novels and turned them in to Harlequin.  I also uploaded four out of five of my former Kensington Precious Gem books.  They started earning me good money. 

I did not work out with a personal trainer this year due to finances.  I went to physical therapy on my pulled tendon and could do very little cardio other than a recumbant bicycle.  As I healed, I tried to up the workouts, but being lazy at heart, I did not.  Despite knowing what I have to do and purchasing books with workout routines, I gradually stopped working out and then even going to the gym.  I am not happy with this, and need to get back.  I've kept my weight pretty even, though 20 lbs higher than I'd like, but the muscle definition and strength I'd gained vanished. 

2012 was the first full year of having my elderly father live near me.  It was also the first full year of my husband's retirement.  Combined, this has made life interesting, to say the least.  Various health scares on both their parts were thankfully resolved. 

My mother has survived past her doctor's expectations, though she continues to fail slowly.  She passed the one year mark since being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. 

I attended the Novelists, Inc. conference in White Plains, NY.  This was my first writing conference away from home since 2009. 

We had a white Christmas, which was lovely.

Now I look forward to next year.  I have two books remaining on my Harlequin contract, one due in April 2013 and one in September 2013.  I still have one more old Precious Gem to revise and put up for sale as an ebook.  And I have to get back to being fit, make better food choices so I can lose that 20 pounds, and continue to monitor both my husband and my health. 

Here's to a wonderful 2013!

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