Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes I start my writing day in a kind of a panic.  As in - I can't do this, where do I go next, what was I thinking.  Then I remind myself that this is just a book.  Just a book.  And I CAN do this.  I've done it over thirty times already.  And I actually like what I've written and am going to finish early enough that I can go to that writer's conference later this month and still have time after I get back to edit the thing before I send it off to my editor.

And then I'll begin again. 

That's how it goes.  Book after book after book.  At least with the vanishing of the dreaded day job, I'm no longer burned out and rushed.  I enjoy writing again.

I've just finished reading on my Kindle a wonderful book by Barbara Samuels called THE CARE AND THE FEEDING OF THE GIRL'S IN THE BASEMENT.  Read it!  If you're a writer, it will inspire you and calm you and move you and heck - you'll just enjoy the nice read.  It's only $4.99 too! 

Not only have I always adored Barbara's warm and vibrant voice, but she and I belong to the same writer's organizations and occasionally attend the same conferences.  I haven't actually met her (except for one time standing in line to register at the Romance Writer's of America's National Conference), but I might someday and hopefully I won't have a huge, fan-girl moment like I did when I met Iris Johansen.  Just sayin'.  Cuz she's gonna be in Florida at a conference at teh same time as I will.  She's one of my auto-buy writers.

Anyway, I tried to post yesterday but apparently blogger was having issues.  It wouldn't let me upload my photos and to be honest, I'm afraid to try today.  So I'll leave you with the book recommendation.  Time to write!

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