Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Well we (the hubby, the dogs, the new puppy, and I) are settling into this new routine.  I'm big on routines and schedules.  Without them, I tend to fall into a disorganized mess and get nothing done.  As I've mentioned before, I still get up early and have to be at my desk by a certain time.  I read my blog roll, check my email, and have to start working on my book at a certain time.  Which is, er, now.

The hubster is just as bad about schedules as I am.  Which is probably a good thing, as we don't have to fight about that.  He has to eat lunch at noon, and watch the noon news, and then TMZ.  Libby (the new puppy) has to eat three times a day, so she eats her mid-day meal at noon also.  I'm learning when she has to go out, when to get her exercise (she runs crazy, full out, all around the back yard or the kitchen).  And - drum roll please - last night she slept through the entire night without having to go out!!! I woke up at 1:00 am and checked on her and she was still asleep.  Same thing at 2 am and at 4 am.  Finally, I just gave up worrying about it and went to sleep.  When we got up at 6, she sure had to go potty! 

I had to go to the doctor yesterday (finally) about my ankle.  It's been bothering me since June (yes, June.  I procrastinate, thinking it will eventually go away).  It had gotten to be excruiatingly painful to even go up and down the stairs, never mind do weighted squats or jog on the treadmill.  Well, those things are now out for awhile.  The doctor took x-rays, no bone damage or breaks, but my deltoid ligament is strained and maybe torn.  I have to wear an ankle brace and take prednisone for 10 days.  If the pain isn't better by then, I have to go see a podiatrist and get an MRI.  Dr. Webb just said I have to let it heal.  He still wants me to work out - he went on and on how great weight lifting is for you, which I know - but nothing that involves putting stress on my ankle.  He said to do low, low, impact cardio if I must, but he would prefer me to just lift.  I think I can walk still though, because I like to burn calories.

Anyway, today is the last official day of summer; tomorrow the first day of autumn.  The weather people say today is supposed to be gorgeous - high around low 80's.  I'm ready. Definitely ready.  And, this weekend, I'm going to see this guy - Pat Monahan of Train.  Yes, I have tickets to see Train and Maroon Five!  Can't wait!

Well, since it's now 10:15 and I've only written a few words, I need to get back to it.

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