Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

As mentioned, I went to see Maroon 5 and Train on Friday night.  The weather was perfect and the show almost sold out.  I love both bands, so I was very excited. 

We got there in plenty of time for the 7:30 show.  Enough time to buy an expensive ($12 each!) beer and a couple of over-priced t-shirts ($35 each!) and find our seats.  The opening act was Matt Nathanson.  He was pretty good, nothing spectacular, though the three teenage girls behind us were surely among his biggest fans.

Train came on next.  They put on a hell of a show.  I realized I am truly in love with Pat Monahan.  Yumm. 

It was interesting to me because he changed clothes several times during their set.  He also came down into the audience for Marry Me, one of my all time sappy song favorites.

He sang some of the old hits too, like Meet Virginia.  Train put on a very good show and made me glad I got a Train T-shirt.

After Train finished, they did the requisite encore and played two more songs.  Then we waited for the set to be changed out for Maroon 5.

Maroon 5 also did not disappoint.  Their show was very high energy, with Adam Levine jumping around and the band going right from one song to another. 

It should be noted that Adam did not change clothes at all during their set.  He also seemed a bit weary.  He mentioned that this show was their next to last show on the tour (the last was done near Houston on Saturday night) and then they'd get to go home.  He said it had been a looooonnnng tour.  Still, he did not skimp on the performance.  Maroon 5 was great, but the one thing I noticed was they did not make an emotional connection with the audience like Train did.  They even speeded up their slower songs and it was all bam, bam, bam.  Thank you ma'am. 

For me, this settled my burning question of who was hotter - Pat or Adam.  I'd definitely say Pat, though a lot of my friends disagree with me.  Adam seemed smaller than I expected, though he had some nice ink on his arms.  Still, Maroon 5 didn't disappoint. 

The entire concert was fun and I enjoyed the show.

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Regina Richards said...

Sounds fun, Jen. And great pics!