Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday August 3, 2010

I'm back. It's hot here and I'm cranky. I always get this way in August, which is my least favorite month. Here in Texas, we get lots of triple digit temps, and they are talking about breaking records (108, 110? Seriously? Come on, folks!)

Last weekend we went to the lake and spent a lot of time in the boat,which was nice. But it still was HOT! Though, as my friend Anna pointed out, the days are getting shorter and that's got to mean relief is on the way, right? Of course, first I've got to slog through August and part of September before it starts getting cooler, at least here.

All of my writer friends are back from RWA National in Orlando. I've enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the posts about the conference. I almost always go, but not this year. Next year, I'm so there - it's in NYC, one of my fav places to visit.

I've got line edits I'm working on for the January 2011 Nocturne, so I'd better get back to them.

Here is the picture of the day today. This is the view out the back window of our camper.

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