Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A long time ago, when I was five years old and lived in Woodstock, NY, I had a best friend. Her name was Jessica. We stayed friends all through elementary school, and even when we went to seventh grade at the big, scary junior high school. Right after that, my dad got transferred to Poughkeepsie, which was about 60 miles away. Still, we kept in touch, engineering visits when we could.

9 months into our new town, my dad's job transferred him again. This time to Boulder, Colorado. In the middle of 8th grade, we moved clear across the country to a new state, a new school, and a new way of life. Jessica and I wrote each other, but after awhile the letters tapered off, became less frequent, then finally stopped all together.

I went to High School, grew up, moved to Texas, married, had a child, divorced, lived as a single mom for five years, then remarried. I never forgot Jessica, and often wondered what had happened to her. Had she graduated high school, gone on to college, married, had kids, had a career? I made numerous attempts to find her, Googling her name, looking for her on Facebook, even checking out the reunions of the high school she would have gone to.

Yesterday, I found her. She lives in Rhode Island, is a successful business owner, and has two kids. She's been married, divorced, a single mom, and now has remarried. We both used to love to sketch and she went on to get a degree in fine arts. I was supposed to go to a school of the arts in Missouri, but life got in the way. Instead of continuing with my sketching and painting, I express my creativity in writing. She still paints and actually owns an art gallery.

How cool is that? Reconnecting with the past. Awesome.

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