Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, Monday Monday.

Here I am again, about to get back to work on The Rancher's Return.  I read a quote somewhere - and didn't get who said it - but the quote was something like "Work gets done when your fear of not doing it exceeds your fear of sucking at it."  I feel like that sometimes, especially when working on revisions.   I'm always afraid I'm not going to do them right.

This weekend was busy for me - I volunteer for Legacy Boxer Rescue.  On Saturday, I went to one of our Approved Adopters and met a foster mama there with her puppy.  And my adopter is giving little Blizzard her forever home!  (Blizzard's name will probably change!)

My second visit on Saturday was a Home Visit to qualify or disqualify someone who wants to adopt a Boxer from Legacy.  Since the people didn't have a dog, another foster home met me there with their foster dog, Monroe.

Monroe is an older gentleman, and what a love bug.  The young couple we visited loved him.

And then after the last home visit, I came home and Lonnie and I went to both Home Depot and Lowe's to look at fixtures for our shower.  And then I got groceries.  We planned to swim but a sudden rainstorm came up and nixed that idea.

Sunday, I met my fellow rescuer Denice at 9am to do a Home Visit.  We brought a lovely dog named Dolce with us and the young family LOVED her too. (Fingers crossed)

And the last Home Visit of the day was for someone who wants to be a volunteer with Legacy.  We met him and his fiancee and their three dogs.

Whew.  Then I did laundry and collapsed.  We had more rain.

This morning the shower reno has started.  I am back to work. The weekend went buy in a flash.

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