Monday, July 14, 2014


It's Monday.  I survived the root canal (yes!) and yet still hurt.  It's getting less each day, but I'm not exercising or anything until it's all better.  I have to take Amoxicillian every 6 hours (four times a day) and I'm taking Aleve every 12 hours for the pain.

I go back on the 22nd to get fitted for the crown.

Despite that, we had a nice weekend.  We swam and cooked out - turkey burgers on Saturday and Teriyaki chicken legs on Sunday.  My daughter came over on Sunday.  All the dogs are exhausted from two days of swimming, which is great.  A tired dog is a good dog.

Also I got my photos back from the photographer I hired to take pics of me and of the dogs.  I even got Lonnie to be in a couple of them.  I put them on Facebook, so forgive the repetition.

Here are some of my favorites.  Here's me with Peyton

Here's me with Macadoo

And me with Liberty (Libby)

And here is a shot of Lonnie and me with all three of the Boxers

 Pretty cool, huh?

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