Monday, July 21, 2014


This week (THIS.  WEEK.) is the National Romance Writer's of America conference.  The last time I attended one was in 2009 in Washington, D.C.

This one is in San Antonio, TX.  One of my favorite cities.  A place where Lonnie and I always have fun.

So I'm going.  Not for the entire thing - it starts with a massive Literacy Signing on Wednesday, which I'll have to miss.  We're going down on Thursday.  It's difficult when you have three dogs.  I found a house sitter and dog sitter who is coming to stay with my babies.

I have scheduled meetings - breakfast with the senior editor of one line that I write for, lunch with my editor, brunch with my agent, and dinner with a dear, good friend who I haven't seen for five years.  Plus there's THE party of the year - Harlequin's annual bash.  This involves desserts and drinking and dancing and lots of fun.

We also made reservations at our favorite restaurant - Boudro's.  The food is to die for.

And you can get a REALLY good margarita on the Riverwalk.

The last time we went was in 2012, so it's time.  I love San Antonio.  Work combined with pleasure.  Can't beat the combo.

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