Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Rambling

Well, it doesn't look like insurance will cover the camper.  I didn't really think it would, but it was worth a shot.  First off, most policies in Texas exclude anything to do with mold and mildew.  There are other reasons, but I won't bore you by going into them.  Regardless, Progressive Insurance is sending an adjuster to meet my husband and take a look tomorrow.

So there's that.  I checked online and looked into everything I could think of.  The roof has a 12 year warranty, but the owner's manual says to have it resealed every 3-5 years  Our camper is 6 years old.  The value of it (without mold or leaks) currently is around $15,000.  MSRP new was $28,000.   We didn't pay that much, plus we traded in our old camper and got like $11,000 for it.  I'm worried that the cost to repair this camper will be more than the value of it now.  It is paid for, so there's that.  But if we have to buy a new camper....

Ah well.  I'm trying to let that go.  I'm writing the next Nocturne which will be out in January 2015.  I'm having fun and enjoying the characters.  I still have revisions to do on my next HRS, which will be out in March 2015.  And then there's the new Colton's book to write.

So yes, I'm busy.  And grateful.

I've also been feeling the itch to take a new foster dog since clearly we won't be camping any time soon. Lonnie gives an adamant NO every time I bring this up, and since I did promise him to take the summer off, I have no choice.  But the urgent dogs break my heart.

I had tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar.  My sister-in-law and I were going to go.  But that's been cancelled, which is a big disappointment to me.  I used to have the album of the original play and know (even to this day) most of the songs by heart.  I was really looking forward to it.  Ah well.

Life is still good though.  I'm on the 9th week of working out and can see some definition where before I had none.  I enjoy my husband and my dogs and now that school is getting out for the year, I'm sure my daughter will be around more (she's a teacher.)

I made a big pot of pinto beans and ham and a pan of cornbread for this weeks meal.  It's a southern thing and I'd never had it before marrying Lonnie, but I love it now.

That's about it.  I need to make lunch and get to work.  See you soon, little blog!

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