Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Midweek Happiness

Sometimes it's the little things that bring happiness, like a new pair of shoes.  Sometimes it's larger, like a book contract.  And often, there are a lot of every day life issues that are just plain full of the potential for happiness.

So, since I have a lot of bad things going on (hello, camper?), I've decided to counteract that negativity with positive things that are just plain smile inducing.

Working out.  Yep, I said it.  Sure, I grumble about going to the gym every morning, but once I get there and get it done, I'm happy.  The rest of the day is mine and I've already worked out.  Score.

Being blessed enough to work from home at a job I love.  Sure, the pay cut was drastic and the writing money (which used to be my vacation and/or home improvement money) became my primary source of income.  But I get to hang with my dogs and live in make-believe worlds.  It's worth being a little short on funds to get to live the dream.  Also, not having to go to an office frees up my morning to work out.

Legacy Boxer Rescue.  I'm constantly in awe of what they do for dogs.  Saving lives, trying to find foster homes.  Right now we have a dog with severe kidney disease like Katniss had (but possibly worse) and if I could, I'd take her in as she needs someone who is home all day and can allow her unlimited access to water.  But I gave my word to Lonnie that we'd take the summer off and I pray someone else steps up for this girl.  She deserves to live her final days as comfortably as possible.   Note - in the meantime, Lonnie is letting me foster sit for the weekend, so not only am I helping out, I get my foster dog fix without anything permanent!  Yay me and thanks Lonnie.

Not yet 100.  So far (fingers crossed), we haven't yet hit 100 degrees.  That's a blessing, believe me.  That's the main thing I hate about Texas.  The awful, baking summers.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  It's been in the 90's and that's plenty hot for me.

Ok, that's my mid-week happiness quota.  Not thinking about the camper.  Not.  Just dogs.  And shape-shifters, and ghosts.  (My next book!)

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