Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Musings

I am a crappy blogger.  I last posted 24 days ago - YIKES.  In my defense, I have been working non-stop on books, got another new contract and had to do that synopsis, plus exercising and do my work as a volunteer for Legacy Boxer Rescue.

Plus try to have a life.  Sigh.  I confess, this blog did cross my mind a few times, but I never did make my way here to write a post.

I've been writing, writing, writing.  And trying to figure out a way to write more.  I'd like to get a short posted on Amazon, but first I need to write it.

I've done some dog sitting, which I enjoy.  One of my foster mentee's foster dog.  Plus my former foster Katniss is coming for a week starting July 1.  And I had to spend an entire day helping my daughter move her classroom as she is changing districts.  Plus visited my mom's partner for lunch.  And had various doctor appts (I have another one Monday) and dentist appts.

So basically, life has interfered with my blogging.  And I have to save my writing juju for the actual books.

I did go to Petfair yesterday even though I don't have a current foster dog.  I got to visit with my friends and make new ones.  I had a blast.

I confess, I miss having a foster dog.  And the Urgent ones break my heart.

Ah well.  I'm doing what I can.  Foster committee, home visits, transport when I can, shelter evals when I can, and acting as an Adoption Counselor and Foster Mentor.  I just wish I could do more.  And I really wish we had more foster homes.

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