Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I've been away the entire month of May, which is a new low for me.  I confess, this blog crossed my mind more than once, but for one reason or another, I didn't post.  Most times, I feel like I'm screaming into the wind.

Before I left my Wordpress blog, I had hundreds, even thousands of visitors a day.  And then I switched to blogger for security reasons and I guess no one could find me.  Sorry for the whining, but I do miss those days when I felt like someone actually read this and it wasn't just a post into the darkness.

If you are my friend on Facebook, you know that my sweet Katniss finally found her forever home.  This time, the right person found her and she him.  They love each other and he doesn't mind her kidney disease or need to be a single dog.  He's told me she's Queen of his house and yard, happy and loving.  He's thrilled, I know Katniss is loving the attention.  He's even keeping her name.  Plus she has her own boy!  He visits every other weekend and she loved kids.

Doesn't she look happy?  I'm thrilled for her.

In the meantime, Lonnie and I are taking a break from fostering.  At least the summer, so we can enjoy our lake lot.  It's too difficult to manage with a foster dog.  So I volunteer on the Foster Committee,  I do Home Visits for prospective adopters, shelter evaluations, transport dogs, and whatever else I can to help.

And I working on the new nocturne.

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