Thursday, May 22, 2014


This week, I've experienced a lot of joy.  First, with each and every update Katniss's adopter Tom sends me, my heart is full as I know she finally has found her forever home.  This is what makes rescue bearable. This was worth all the nursing and worrying and separating and loving and yes, missing.  Knowing that my sweet girl is finally where she belongs, has made it possible for me to do it again.  I will foster another dog - Lonnie and I have agreed to take a break for the summer so we can actually enjoy our lake place and camper.  It's hard - I see the urgent Boxers every single day.  There have been more than a few I've wanted to step up for and if I didn't have a lake place and given my husband a promise, I would have done so.

But I will wait and pray that those I cannot yet help will get their own happy ending like Katniss did.

Sometimes, little things can bring joy.  I've been seriously trying to limit my shopping, though every now and then I purchase something.  And yesterday, Tom's sent me a $10 off coupon.  So I went to look at shoes. And I saw this fun, flirty pair of platform sandals that screamed "Summer" and "Fun" and even "Cruise!"         They came in two colors and I took the plunge and order them in the black - though I loved the blue too, I think I have more I can wear with the black tropical print.

I smiled and decided to post them on Facebook.  And then a few comments nearly robbed me of my joy. Hurt, I took the comments down.  And while my delight in them may have been a bit tarnished, I know when they arrive and I put them on my feet, I will smile.  That, my friends, make everything worth it.

Here they are.  If you don't like them, well - you don't have to wear them.  They're mine.  (They also come in a royal blue tropical print!)

I'm 53 years old now.  I have decided to embrace my inner weirdness and wear what makes me happy, rather than worrying about what anyone else things.  The bright tropical shoes, the rock N roll t-shirt, that's me.  Check.

Even my writing has been a joy lately.  My newest book, Shade of the Wolf, features a hero who happens to be a ghost.  I've never written a ghost hero and I'm like a kid with a new toy.  Oh look!  Sparkly, ooooh! Pretty, oooh!  I've been having so much fun with him and their story.

Speaking of which, I'd better get back to writing.  See you soon!

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