Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Confusion

The first few days - ok, maybe WEEKS - after Daylight Savings Time starts, I wander around in a sort of confused fog.  Time goes by way too quickly, and I get hungry at the wrong times and want to sleep at the wrong times.  Sigh.

However, I am here.  Today my father turns 83.  I'll be taking him out for a steak dinner later.

Saturday, we finally drove to North Park in North Dallas.  Steph wanted a David Yurman ring for her birthday.  Here it is, sorry for the blurry picture.  I tend to use my cell phone camera for everything, when I have a very expensive and excellent Nikon D3100 and several lenses.  I'd get much better pics if I used that, but I rarely carry it around.

 Friday night, Lonnie and I went out for Mexican Food.  We mostly go to Cristina's Fine Mexican Kitchen.  I always get my margarita.  And I got an enchilada platter this time instead of my usual street tacos.

Driving home, the sunset was beautiful!

And then on Sunday, I noticed this little guy in my backyard.  Proof that Spring is on the way.

It also dawned on me that today is ONE WEEK from Saint Patrick's Day!!!  We always go to our local Beef O'Brady's and eat corned beef and cabbage.  Though this year, I'm thinking of just cooking my own.
We'll see.  I do love getting out and wearing green.

Also, my book is due is 21 days.  I have 25,000 words left to write (roughly 125 pages), so I should be fine.

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