Thursday, December 19, 2013

Liberty Belle aka Libby

Today I'm doing a post about my only Brindle Boxer, my baby girl Libby.  She is at the vet's right now, having surgery, and I'm worried that she might have a particular nasty form of cancerous tumor.  I'm a bit weepy and praying like crazy and I thought this might help me feel better.

I bought Libby over the internet, from the daughter of the breeder from whom I purchased Mac Macadoo.  I selected her out of a litter and paid a deposit.  The breeder sent me frequent pictures and finally, when Libby was 8 weeks old, Lonnie and I drove all the way to Pryor, Oklahoma.  It was something like 10 hours each way, so I had to have my daughter come stay with my other dogs.

We picked Libby up on 9-11-11, thus the name Liberty Belle.  Her sweet nature was immediately apparent, as she gave us kisses and nub wiggles.  Here she is the day we got her.

Libby's wonderful personality continued to shine.  She was a typical Boxer puppy - in other words, crazy.

Here she is, winning over my grouchy bear Mac Macaddo.

Even as she grew, she still considered herself a puppy!

Here she is when she learned to swim at the age of eleven months.

Here she is at one year of age.

And now she's two. Her birthday is July 19th.   She has welcomed every foster dog into our home, winning over Katniss and making her a BFF.  She is also Besties with our new dog Peyton, and they run and play together and sleep together and clearly love each other.

I'm praying her surgery goes well and that what the vet found is NOT a cancerous tumor.  After just losing my mother to cancer, even the possibility of this is really rough.  I keep telling myself not to worry until I know for sure, but it's hard.  I love my Libster so much.

UPDATE:  I spoke with the vet last night and it was NOT a tumor!!!  Thank God.  It was a golf-ball size impacted thing full of what looked like dirt, the vet said.  The only problem is that it was so large, he had to cut very close to her rectum.  He kept her overnight and I'm going to call in just a minute and see if/when I can pick her up today.

Answered prayers.  I'm so happy.  I love my Libby girl.

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