Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Yes, I know.  I such at blogging lately.  I've been working full tilt on the Nocturne THE WOLF SIREN which is due on 9-1 and will be out Feb 2014.  I turned in the short story for the online read, and did the line edits on it, so that's done.  I've managed to make it over to my mother's house twice to visit.  She's on hospice now.  And I'm continuing to try and manage my elderly father. 

Plus, I'm counting calories and losing weight.  Logging everything in the Lose It app on my I-phone.  I lost the cruise weight almost immediately, and lost two pounds this week.  I log my weight every Monday.  I still walk - mornings now as it's hotter than Hades here in Texas. 

And I'm doing my volunteer work for Legacy Boxer Rescue (www.savetheboxers.com)  I did a home visit this past weekend for a lovely family who wants to adopt one of our dogs, and now I'm helping set up what we call Meet and Greets with the three she's interested in so far.  I finished foster sitting a dog named Pollock (after some college football player they said) and my own foster dog Katniss got spayed and will have her Heartworm treatment on the 19th.  After her two days at the vets, when she comes home she will be confined to her crate basically for one month, only allowed out to eat and use the bathroom.  Heartworm treatment is awful and as the worms are dying, they can cause blood clots.  Worse, it's entirely preventable with one little pill one a month. 

After Katniss recovers from this, I plan to put all my energy into finding her forever home.  And getting back to resistance/weight training.  And submitting two new proposals to Harlequin since I'll be out of contract. 

I'm going to be busy. 

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