Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mid-Week Musings

My friend and critique partner  Anna Adams is used to getting panicky and/or whiny emails from me when the writing isn't going well.  The books I'm working on now, The Wolf Siren, was a joy to write - at least for the first half.  Then a family crisis erupted (my mom got septic shock, almost died, spent some time in a nursing home, and I had to arrange hospice and get her back to her own house).  I missed two weeks of writing due to that, then too a much needed vacation and missed another week.

When I came back to the story, it wasn't the same.  At all.  I couldn't get back to it, and began trying to slog through writing it.  I'd lost my mojo and my joy in the story and couldn't seem to get it back.  I whined to Anna, because this book will be my 28th for Harlequin and my 38th published, and by now you'd think I'd know what I'm doing.  Right?

Nope.  Sometimes I make it harder on myself than I need to.  I created outlines, stuck to them, and gradually got back into knowing the characters.  Then a secondary character (who I'd planned all along) walked on to the stage and BAM.  I had to go back and insert stuff about her so she can have a bigger role.  Because I can see the next book is going to be about her.

I love when stuff like that happens.

So here I am, 11 days away from deadline.  I'm on track again and hopeful the story will turn out all right.

Wish me luck.

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