Thursday, August 2, 2012

So I came home from my mini-vacation in San Antonio to an awful, awful heat.

Made me want a Margarita like I had on the Riverwalk.

That was probably the best margarita I've ever had - huge and tasty. 

We saw a  lot of beautiful sights while we were gone - but it was so hot.  We realized that in the past, we've gone to San Antonio in the spring, when the weather is a bit more temperate.

 And above is the outside of the best restaurant on the river, Boudro's.  We go there every single time we go to San Antonio.

Here is the second oldest church in the United States, at least according to our boat tour guide.  It's beautiful.  Unfortunately, it's locked and you don't get to see the inside.  We tried. :(

 The Riverwalk water was so clear, we could see the fish in the bottom.

And I love the size of the massive Cedar trees. 

And here's a shot of me hanging out in the shade.

And here is the building that looks one dimensional.  Cool, isn't it?

While on the boat tour, we saw an owl in a tree.  That was one of the most awesome moments of the trip for me.

Here is my wonderful husband and me at Boudro's, our favorite restaurant (did I mention that?)

Some birds ourside one of the places we visited for a drink (and sat on the balcony)

And yet another random shot of moi

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