Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Weekend!

This weekend, we went to our camper at the lake.  Confession time - I really didn't want to go.  My book is due on 9-1 and I worried I wouldn't write like I needed too.  I also worried I would write, and would be miserable because I was trapped working when I was at the lake and should be having fun!
I also wasn't looking forward to the awful August heat.

It turned out I had a wonderful weekend!  It was cloudy, which kept the heat in the low 90's.  Still hot, but not baking like it normally is in August.

We didn't take the boat out (the water in our cove was kind of low), and on Friday I wrote almost 1000 words.  We drove to one of the marinas and feasted on catfish for dinner.   When we got back to the camper, we sat outside in the fading light and listened to the lake sounds. 

Saturday we slept in (til 7:30), drank coffee outside, and I wrote 2000 words.  Again it was cloudy, and not too bad temperature wise.  I was reminded why I love the lake place.  I also realized that soon it will be my favorite time of the year - fall!  Camping is better in the fall.  Waaaay better. 

So home again, not behind, I'm in the final stretch of this book.  It's going well.  I'll try to check in once in awhile here, but if I don't, you know what I'm doing! 

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