Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sorta Sad

Today was another rainy, gray, and chilly day.  I drove to my mom's house with my brother.  We had to make a second trip to collect some of her things.  Her partner Gloria was there waiting for us.

It's very weird to be at my mom's house without my mom.  It's also kind of sad.

We visited awhile and then left with more pictures and mementos.  My brother and I stopped for lunch and then we had to find a notary to get some paperwork notarized.

By the time I made it home, it was nearly 2.  I had tons of emails tor read and catch up on and here it is, nearly five and this blog is the only writing I've done.

Something tells me I picked the wrong deadline.  I should have said February 1st rather than January.
But I had no idea there would be so many loose ends to tie up.

Ah well, live and learn.

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