Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The French Room - A Magical Evening

Yesterday was a very special day.  25 years ago my husband and I got married.  We had planned to celebrate at the Eiffle Tower Restaurant at the top of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, but as that trip was called off, we searched for something equally special here locally.  I finally narrowed it down to two places - The Mansion on Turtle Creek and The French Room in the Adolphus Hotel.  Both are in Dallas, but after reading reviews on both and seeing how Zagat rated The French Room as one of the two best restaurants in the world (yes, THE WORLD!), the choice was clear.  I made reservations at The French Room for 7 pm.

We arrived and the place was beautiful
Absolutely stunning!

I couldn't get enough of the surroundings!

Bar none, this is the best restaurant I have ever been to. Including Vegas or NYC or Quebec or anywhere.   The service was exceptional, the hotel and restaurant absolutely gorgeous, and the food - amazing!

For appetizers, my husband had the Hudson Valley Foie Gras and he could not get over how wonderful it was. Perfect, buttery, melts-in-your-mouth. I had the Lemon Butter Poached Maine Lobster and it was also delicious.   Here is the Foie Gras (duck or goose liver).

And here is my lobster

Almost too pretty to eat!

Entrees - he had Slow-Cooked Tenderloin of Veal and I had Nova Scotia Halibut. Again, both were fantastic. I would have to say that's the best Halibut I have ever had - and I've eaten it on the East and West coast. What also made the meal was the Wine Sommelier Richard. He gave us pairings for both our appetizer and our meal and he was not only dead on, but the wine was the perfect compliment.

Here is his veal.

And my halibut

In between the courses our waiter Carlos (wonderful man!) brought us the usual tiny bites to cleanse your palate. One was tiny bits of rabbit, mushroom, and a califlower puree. The other was a champagne and apple juice sorbet. Both were delicious.

Then it was time for the dessert. My husband had the caramel pumpkin brule and I had the Saffron-Poached pears. I do wish I'd listened to Carlos and tried the Chocolate Souffle, as I couldn't stop thinking about it. We had coffee with our dessert.

From the moment we arrived until the second we left, we were treated like royalty.

Out in the hotel lobby, there was a beautiful Christmas tree.  Another couple took our picture and then I took theirs.  Fair exchange!

I was a bit worried about going to such a fancy, five-star restaurant, but my fears were put at ease the instant we parked at the complimentary valet. Every single person we dealt with remembered our name (amazing!) and when we returned to the valet, without even being handed the ticket, they even remembered our vehicle!

Best.  Meal.  Ever.  Well worth the price and we both will always remember our 25th anniversary meal!


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Anonymous said...

Oh that looked (the food and location) amazing! I will have to remember that place in years to come when I've finally "made it" and have the extra cash for my husband and I to splurge! Congrats on your anniversary!