Monday, November 5, 2012

Rolling With the Punches

And with the new time change (which I love, btw), Monday has rolled around again.  I adore getting up and it being semi-light outside rather than pitch dark.  My husband is the opposite - he hates it. 

I spent this entire weekend at home - still sick.  This morning I was determined to return to my normal life and tried to do my morning walk.  I had to stop because of the coughing doubling me over.  So, not well yet.  Still taking medicine and wishing for this crud to go away.

I did get some writing done on Saturday though.  I'm very happy with the story so far.  I just passed 50,000 words (out of 80,000 needed by December 1.)

And as I was looking over my stack of unread magazines (I'm so far behind), I realized that Thanksgiving is two weeks from this Thursday!  OMG!  I'm not ready. At all.  Last year we had a huge family get-together at my house.  My mom had just been diagnoed with terminal Pancreatic Cancer, so everyone came.  This year, my brother and his wife are spending the holiday with her family as they skipped them for two years in a row.  My mom and her partner are going to have Thanksgiving with her partner's daughter and husband, and this year for me it's going to be a very small get together.  Just me, my husband and daughter, and my widowed father.  This will be his first Thanksgiving alone and his first Thanksgiving with us since 1994 - Eighteen years!  I've already done a little bit of decorating, not all of it as I'm still feeling bad, but I need to get on the ball, don't I?

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