Monday, September 27, 2010

Marvelous Monday 9-27-10

What, you might say, reading my heading.  Marvelous Monday?  Has she gone insane?  No, not yet.  Not yet.  The reason I call this day marvelous is because it's 53 degrees outside right now, with a projected high of 73.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  A HIGH of 73.  Happy dancing here!

Saturday night, Lonnie and I decided to try this local place we've been hearing about forever. It was featured on Diners, Dives, and Drive-Ins.  Our regular waitress at Chili's (Hi Amy!) has been raving about it.  It's a strange place, because it's a five-star restaurant... in a gas station.

That's right.  It's inside of a Conoco station in a nearby town called Watauga.  Apparently the owner couldn't get the bank to loan him money for a restaurant, but they'd loan it to him for a gas station.  So he opened a gas station with a restaurant inside.  He called it Chef's Point Cafe because he wanted to make a point.  And he has, let me tell you!

Even at 5:30, the place was packed.  When we left there were people standing in line outside to get in.  A lot of people.  I've heard there can even be a two hour wait.

There were things on the menu like Duck and German Style Liver and Onions.  Because we'd heard raves about the stuffed mushrooms, we started with those. (called What Nots!)  I have to say, these were the absolute best stuffed mushrooms I've ever eaten, bar none.  It was funny eating gourmet food inside a gas station.  Cheap tables and chairs, minimal decor, and behind you are the coolers with drinks and rows of chips.  Hilarious.  In front of you, the chefs cook furiously and the smell is fabulous.  They had a full staff working, plenty of wait-people and bus-people. 

For the main course, Lonnie had the Liver and Onions.  I had mussels and a salad.  He said his liver meal was absolutely fantastic.  My mussels were a tad overcooked, though still tasty.  For dessert, we had the famous bread pudding.  Oh.  My.  Gawd.  Best bread pudding ever (and it was voted Best Bread Pudding in North Texas by some newspaper or magazine or something!)  We had iced tea as they don't serve wine or beer.

It was kind of pricey ($50 for all that), but not exhorbantly so.  We'll go back, if only to try some of the other intriguing menu items.  There's a seafood stew I'm dying to try, and tons of pasta dishes.  Oh, and they have some kind of fried chicken called Better Than Sex Fried Chicken.  I certainly have to try that!

From YouTube, here's the DDD episode.  If you're ever in Watauga, TX, you have to try this out!

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Bonnie Vanak said...

Very cool, Karen! You can fill your car's tank and your own tank. Sounds like a great idea!