Thursday, September 23, 2010


Four years ago today, my husband and I drove up to Oklahoma to pick up Mac Macadoo, our purebred Boxer puppy (and our first Boxer).  We drove 5 hours and the breeder drove 5 hours to meet us.  I fell in love with these pictures on the breeder's web page;

Can you believe how cute?

Mac has been the best dog.  Still is.  We never thought we wanted another big dog, but he captured our hearts.  My husband's,

my daughter's

And of course, mine

We love this big old, goofy, clown of a dog

He makes us laugh

He can swim

And does a mean high dive

And is endlessly amusing

So in honor of Mac's "Gotcha Day", I'm putting this out there.  We love him.


Harlry Hardy said...

Mac.... Harley & I are so glad that you have your furever home with a great mom & dad.... Happiness to you on your gotgha day... We LOVE you lots & Lots :)

Victoria Chancellor said...

Hi, Karen. The first dog I ever knew was a boxer named Missy. I was about two years old. Missy used to come and visit us and my dad was just crazy about her. I think someday I'd love to have another boxer. (I'm not sure my Min Pin, Chloe, would be really happy about that, though.) Whenever I see one, they make me smile. I'm happy you have such a wonderful dog.

Patty said...

Hi Mac....Happy Gotcha Day one day late. You were such a cute lil pup and you are now one handsome boy. We love ya....Ruby and Rocco

Bonnie Vanak said...

Awww, what a cutie! Good luck!