Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Morning Musing

I woke up at 6 this morning, have taken my dogs out and fed them, given them their meds, and hubby and big dogs are back in bed.  I'm sipping coffee with my new puppy at my feet.

What?  Puppy?

I know, I know.  I have enough dogs.  My Macadoo is old and failing.  He's 13 which is super old for a Boxer and my vet says he has a Pancreatic tumor.  Once he leaves us (which will hurt a lot - he was our very first Boxer), I will have my Liberty Bell, who is 8, and my Peyton, who is also around 8.  He's a rescue so we don't know how old he is exactly.  I also have foster Keeper Truman, who is 4 and has a serious brain illness.  So right now, there are 4 Boxer dogs living in my home.  Dudley has been gone 8 months and I still miss him like a giant hole in my heart.  I never wanted a white dog, didn't even particularly care for white dogs, but I loved that boy.  And because of him, I now find white dogs beautiful.

Cue dramatic music.

As you know, I volunteer for a large Boxer dog rescue.  I'm on the Foster Committee and the Welcome Committee.  Friday as I was unloading groceries, a text came through with photos of the most adorable, 4 month old Boxer puppy.  He was being surrendered by his owner.  I fell instantly in love.

I showed my husband.  He, being the more practical one, had a lot of questions.  I answered them the best I could.  The main thing is Truman is immuno-compromised, so any dog coming in this house must be up to date on shots and can't come from a shelter.  Hubby finally shrugged and said, "Do what you want to do."

And thus, the miracle white puppy came to live with us.

I am in love.  I let my fellow rescuers know we would probably be adopting him.  (Who am I kidding?)  He gets checked out by our vet next week.  I even forced myself to look through applications to see if there were any approved applicants who might be the better home for him.  When I foster, I consider many options for a permanent home, but my main question is if the adopter's home would be better for the dog than my own.

But then look at this face.  Look at it!  He's loving and sweet, not a barker though just like my Dudley, when he wants something, he will bark to let you know.  He's only been here 2 days, but I'm already head over heels.

Since I work from home and hubby is retired, he won't be alone hardly at all.  He is crate trained and house trained.  I think the previous owner might not have realized that puppies can't hold it all night.  I got up at 1 am and took him out last night and I'll be doing that for awhile.  (The loose rule of thumb is how many months they are is how long a puppy can hold it.  He's 4 months, so 4 hours max.)

I'll know more after our rescue vet sees him, but I'm sure he'll be a great addition to our family.  I didn't realize how badly I was needing this.  A new baby.  He makes me so happy.

Look for updates.  I'm sure they'll be coming. soon.

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