Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Musings

I am a crappy blogger.  I last posted 24 days ago - YIKES.  In my defense, I have been working non-stop on books, got another new contract and had to do that synopsis, plus exercising and do my work as a volunteer for Legacy Boxer Rescue.

Plus try to have a life.  Sigh.  I confess, this blog did cross my mind a few times, but I never did make my way here to write a post.

I've been writing, writing, writing.  And trying to figure out a way to write more.  I'd like to get a short posted on Amazon, but first I need to write it.

I've done some dog sitting, which I enjoy.  One of my foster mentee's foster dog.  Plus my former foster Katniss is coming for a week starting July 1.  And I had to spend an entire day helping my daughter move her classroom as she is changing districts.  Plus visited my mom's partner for lunch.  And had various doctor appts (I have another one Monday) and dentist appts.

So basically, life has interfered with my blogging.  And I have to save my writing juju for the actual books.

I did go to Petfair yesterday even though I don't have a current foster dog.  I got to visit with my friends and make new ones.  I had a blast.

I confess, I miss having a foster dog.  And the Urgent ones break my heart.

Ah well.  I'm doing what I can.  Foster committee, home visits, transport when I can, shelter evals when I can, and acting as an Adoption Counselor and Foster Mentor.  I just wish I could do more.  And I really wish we had more foster homes.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Just a short while ago, I learned another volunteer at Legacy Boxer Rescue was in the hospital with a possible stroke.  His wife was with him and they were worried about their dogs.

The organization sprung into action.  Several volunteers took care of things.  One foster dog is getting adopted Sunday and someone is not only holding that dog until then, but another person is taking him to the adoption and getting all the paperwork filled out.

He was an organizer of a rescue event in Dallas tomorrow and a lot of people were helping.  They are collecting to try and figure out what else they need to do to assume his spot.

Messages of hope flooded his Facebook page.  I was floored by the caring and support.  At first.  And then I remembered.  These are no ordinary people.  They are rescuers.

These are the people that will take in and save a dog so horrifically damaged that it hurts the eyes and heart to look at him.  These are the people who will work tirelessly to save every dumped and abandoned dog they can, who will nurture an abused animal, teach him or her love, and then break their own heart finding that same dog a forever home.

And then turn around and do it over again.

These are the people who volunteer their own time and money to interview applicants, evaluate shelter dogs, transport shelter dogs, deal with people who want to dump a dog who should have been part of their family forever, and work tirelessly to save as many as they can.  And weep when they lose one, which invariably happens, as there never are enough foster homes.

And I just learned that someone stepped up to foster that girl with kidney disease who needs access to water and someone who's home all day.  She's been weighing on my heart, as that reminds me of my Katniss.  My heart is full now.  Of thanks.

I love my Legacy family.  I'm proud of the work we do and honored to be part of it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Midweek Happiness

Sometimes it's the little things that bring happiness, like a new pair of shoes.  Sometimes it's larger, like a book contract.  And often, there are a lot of every day life issues that are just plain full of the potential for happiness.

So, since I have a lot of bad things going on (hello, camper?), I've decided to counteract that negativity with positive things that are just plain smile inducing.

Working out.  Yep, I said it.  Sure, I grumble about going to the gym every morning, but once I get there and get it done, I'm happy.  The rest of the day is mine and I've already worked out.  Score.

Being blessed enough to work from home at a job I love.  Sure, the pay cut was drastic and the writing money (which used to be my vacation and/or home improvement money) became my primary source of income.  But I get to hang with my dogs and live in make-believe worlds.  It's worth being a little short on funds to get to live the dream.  Also, not having to go to an office frees up my morning to work out.

Legacy Boxer Rescue.  I'm constantly in awe of what they do for dogs.  Saving lives, trying to find foster homes.  Right now we have a dog with severe kidney disease like Katniss had (but possibly worse) and if I could, I'd take her in as she needs someone who is home all day and can allow her unlimited access to water.  But I gave my word to Lonnie that we'd take the summer off and I pray someone else steps up for this girl.  She deserves to live her final days as comfortably as possible.   Note - in the meantime, Lonnie is letting me foster sit for the weekend, so not only am I helping out, I get my foster dog fix without anything permanent!  Yay me and thanks Lonnie.

Not yet 100.  So far (fingers crossed), we haven't yet hit 100 degrees.  That's a blessing, believe me.  That's the main thing I hate about Texas.  The awful, baking summers.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  It's been in the 90's and that's plenty hot for me.

Ok, that's my mid-week happiness quota.  Not thinking about the camper.  Not.  Just dogs.  And shape-shifters, and ghosts.  (My next book!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Rambling

Well, it doesn't look like insurance will cover the camper.  I didn't really think it would, but it was worth a shot.  First off, most policies in Texas exclude anything to do with mold and mildew.  There are other reasons, but I won't bore you by going into them.  Regardless, Progressive Insurance is sending an adjuster to meet my husband and take a look tomorrow.

So there's that.  I checked online and looked into everything I could think of.  The roof has a 12 year warranty, but the owner's manual says to have it resealed every 3-5 years  Our camper is 6 years old.  The value of it (without mold or leaks) currently is around $15,000.  MSRP new was $28,000.   We didn't pay that much, plus we traded in our old camper and got like $11,000 for it.  I'm worried that the cost to repair this camper will be more than the value of it now.  It is paid for, so there's that.  But if we have to buy a new camper....

Ah well.  I'm trying to let that go.  I'm writing the next Nocturne which will be out in January 2015.  I'm having fun and enjoying the characters.  I still have revisions to do on my next HRS, which will be out in March 2015.  And then there's the new Colton's book to write.

So yes, I'm busy.  And grateful.

I've also been feeling the itch to take a new foster dog since clearly we won't be camping any time soon. Lonnie gives an adamant NO every time I bring this up, and since I did promise him to take the summer off, I have no choice.  But the urgent dogs break my heart.

I had tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar.  My sister-in-law and I were going to go.  But that's been cancelled, which is a big disappointment to me.  I used to have the album of the original play and know (even to this day) most of the songs by heart.  I was really looking forward to it.  Ah well.

Life is still good though.  I'm on the 9th week of working out and can see some definition where before I had none.  I enjoy my husband and my dogs and now that school is getting out for the year, I'm sure my daughter will be around more (she's a teacher.)

I made a big pot of pinto beans and ham and a pan of cornbread for this weeks meal.  It's a southern thing and I'd never had it before marrying Lonnie, but I love it now.

That's about it.  I need to make lunch and get to work.  See you soon, little blog!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Weekend From Hell

As anyone who's a regular reader of this blog knows, we have a lake lot down at Richland Chambers Lake with a 37 foot camper and other assorted toys.  Due to taking Katniss as a foster dog on 4-3-13, we weren't able to camp there in all of 2013.  (She was so sick, and then she didn't get along with Macadoo).
Early in 2013 we had a horrible storm that cratered our boat and our lantern. We got those fixed, but didn't realize our camper apparently had damage.

A summer went by, a fall and a winter.  Katniss got adopted and finally we were able to go to our camper this past weekend.  Finally!  I was SO excited.

Apparently all this time ago, we got roof damage.  There was a leak, and over the hot summer, the leak and wet wood and carpet grew fungus.  Mushroom and other nasty stuff, to be exact.  I gagged.


Here is what I found INSIDE our beautiful camper.

 Needless to say, I went online and realized what had happened.  Extensive repairs, new walls and floor and carpet and pad.  We'll have to haul it somewhere and have it fixed.  Hoping insurance will cover this. Aware that we won't be camping for a long while until it's fixed.

The rest of it - broken dog water jug, the water getting cut off, Lonnie losing his cell phone (we found it), bug bites, cutting my leg on a dirty piece of metal, only completed the weekend from hell.

I got home, did a bunch of laundry, and drank.  Because really, what else can you do?