Monday, January 14, 2013

Life Happens

It must seem like I've fallen off the face of the earth.  I posted last on Friday, January 4th.  That weekend, I finished up my synopsis and emailed it to Anna Adams for her to critique.  Saturday, my husband was feeling horrible, so he went to our family doctor as a walk-in (they do a half-day of walkins on Saturday).  A bunch of blood work was run and he came home. 

By Monday, he felt worse.  Again he went to the doctor as a walk-in.  I stayed home to work. Anna had emailed me her critique of my synopsis and I'd started to work on revising it when my phone rang.  It was my husband who told me the doctor was calling an ambulance to take him to the hospital.  Then the doctor came on the phone and said Lonnie was in A-Fib and had a heart rate of 188.

Long story short, the next week was a round of hospital visits.  They tried to get his heart back into rhythm and slowed down with medication, but finally conceeded he would have to have it shocked back (called a Cardio-version.)  They did this on Thursday and it worked!  Finally, he came home.

We were both so exhausted on Friday, but we had dropped of prescriptions to be filled and he needed them.  One of the meds, a blood thinner, was denied by the insurance company.  It was expansive and Warfarin was a much cheaper alternative.  After phone calls with the Cardiologists, a prescription was called in for this.  Lonnie took it Friday and Saturday.  Sunday morning he woke up covered in a red, itchy rash.

More phone calls.  He stopped taking the meds and started taking Benadryl.  This morning we left at 7:30 to go to the doctor again.  They had a few samples of the new med and I've got another call in to the Cardiologist to get started on trying to get an exception approval from the insurance company for it.  So far, all is calm. 

I emailed the finally revised synopsis to my editor this morning and am going to start writing the book since it's due 4-1.   Hopefully, life will settle back down and Lonnie will feel better.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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